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A strategy or improvement in the current state needs actionable insights to succeed. We use manual and automated analytics & research tools to audit, enrich and understand data points and

A research by ASCEND reveals that 51% of the surveyed marketers believe that using data analytics for decision making is their top priority.

Key Goals & Benefits Across B2B Buying Journey

A. B2B Buyer universe, persona & firmographics research

B. B2B Web analytics

C. B2B Social listening & insights

D. B2B Content & SEO audit

E. B2B Conversion rate optimization

F. B2B Usage behavior & post-purchase insights

A. B2B Buyer universe, persona and firmographics

B2B companies need descriptive insights into organizational level attributes, like size, industry, revenues, location, decision-makers personas, profiles, and contact details and if possible their current stack. Ability to measure the addressable market size (of decision-makers) is like an icing on the cake, especially if you want to run an Account-Based Marketing campaign or even a content marketing campaign.

B. B2B Web analytics

B2B buyers display a deeper content engagement and hence web analytics for B2B websites aims at understanding engagement with long-form and downloadable content. With the help of goals and funnels one can understand their affinity with a specific type of content or industry verticals or gaps in discovery and accessibility of content.

C. B2B Social listening & insights

B2B buyers prefer to talk about (as social posts or as questions or answers on forums or as blogs) larger challenges and opportunities than talking about brands or products. This makes social listening a very attractive avenue to leverage, so as to understand about the buyers’ key concerns and aspirations and about opportunities to create a resonating content strategy or even about opportunities to plug your product or solution in their challenge ecosystem. Needless to say, there are opportunities abound to capture competitive intelligence as well as keeping a tab on your own brand’s perception and reputation.

D. B2B Content & SEO audit

How good is your content and how much of it is discoverable by the right audience? These 2 questions sum up the need for an audit. The audit is based on critical metrics to measure content and SEO effectiveness from a B2B content consumption behavior perspective.

E. B2b Conversion rate optimization

You may have an eCommerce platform, or your website may have various product-oriented landing pages to capture leads or you may want to give away research studies, etc. to qualified users, and you would want to maximize transactions, downloads, or leads. With the conversion rate optimization process we can find gaps that are impeding your conversions and help you optimize your landing pages to perform better.

F. B2B Usage behaviour & post-purchase insights

B2B buyers’ and users’ experience (even after buying your product) is paramount in deciding whether to upgrade or whether to refer to others. Our user-centric surveys can help you understand their satisfaction level, potential opportunities for detraction and need for training or better usage. These insights can help you in not only retaining and acquiring new referral users but also in understanding about opportunities to sell complementary solutions and service packages.

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We were glad by our decision to chose dotConverse. Not only were they professional and helpful, but they always took that extra step to understand our needs and deliver.

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This is the kind of professional support we have been yearning for social media.

Namrta Dhar

Umender Shah, Country Manager - ZEISS India
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Sanjay Lodha, CEO - Tyrone Systems

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