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B2B users crave for content that can help them excel in their work. This content can be created in diverse format ranging from articles, to whitepapers, webinars, or educative videos. An effective content strategy involves alignment with the consumer journey, constant monitoring of key metrics and creative multi-format content mapped to platforms & objectives targeting- buyers, users, employees, and partners.

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    Speed up your sales cycle
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    Create trust, thought leadership & influence
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    Assist, hand hold & educate your audience

B2B decision-makers prefer to collect relevant information independently. With minimal sales interaction. In fact, as per a Gartner study, decision-makers, while considering a purchase spend only 17% of their time meeting with potential suppliers. This implies that your salespeople will never be able to get enough face time with decision-makers.

This is why your brand needs to invest in intelligent b2b content marketing and automation, to engage, nurture and enable b2b decision-makers to make a prudent buying decision.

Source: Gartner
Research individually
Interact with multiple sales teams

Build Trust & Influence Buyers

Influence B2B Buyers

About 91% of B2B buying is influenced by word of mouth and references. B2B influencer marketing entails working with an ecosystem of micro-influencers not just as the spokesperson for your brand but also as your partners or collaborators in spreading education and thought leadership.

B2B influencer marketing can be a game changer for you.

Whitepaper Marketing

1000-10,000 words of compiled/curated or original piece of content aimed at providing an in-depth view of a certain aspect of your business/industry. This is a great tool to engage and ignite trust among b2b decision-makers.

Educate & Hand Hold Audience

Webinars & Podcasts Marketing

  •  How are you building thought-leadership for your brand?
  •  How are you educating your customers and enabling them to use your  products & services better or excel in their business?
  •  How do you position your brand as an expert or though leader?

Well, all the above questions can be answered in an interactive manner with the help of webinars and podcasts. If you want to reach the most valuable and unreachable audience that has a special taste and spends his/her time-consuming content at exclusive platforms, then you should try leveraging podcasts and webinars.

If you are a B2B product or service or a high-value affinity brand (like high-end audio, cameras, etc.) then, webinars are a great way to create brand ambassadorship.

B2B Video Marketing

Given that almost 50% of the b2b decision-makers, today, are millennials, video is indeed a preferred format of consumption. Videos can be used in different situations, and across the entire spectrum of b2b buying journey, including achieving top of the funnel awareness, educating users illustrating specific benefits or even in addressing troubleshooting issues.

Engage your Buyers

Blogs, Social Content, Emails

We create relevant and valuable content pieces in various formats to make your brand discoverable and useful for users and prospects. In today’s world, when the consumers have less time to devote on your brand communication, due to media fragmentation, and are averse to marketing and sales messages, brands need to invest into a trust cantered content and communication strategy.

Social media marketing is a part of our comprehensive content marketing strategy. Our proprietary and cutting-edge framework with measurable metrics is leveraged while creating a strategy for our clients.

Talk to our experts to configure your customized and power-packed content and/or social media strategy.

Monitor & Protect Reputation

We created and executed an award-winning ORM strategy for India’s Worst Online Reputation Crisis. Our proprietary framework can help small to large corporations monitor, defend, and build their reputation.

B2B reputation management also entails social listening & monitoring of key stakeholders and your brand. We believe that ORM should be an integral part of a social media strategy.

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