Grow Targeted Brand Reach
& Awareness

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    Audience Segmentation
    B2B buying entails diverse decision makers. Our team studies and analyses core segments and key behaviours
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    Audience Universe Estimation
    We leverage our tools and technologies to estimate the targetable universe of audience, so that wastage of communication spend is avoided
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    Journey Specific Communication
    Communication should resonate with the challenges and aspirations of not just our diverse segments but should also sync with their buying journey. This includes the advertising, landing pages, and other forms of communication elements.

How to grow brand reach, awareness and recall, without wastage?

A cogent strategy framework is the first step in identifying the core audience segments. We also study other peripheral details and leverages programmatic advertising technique to match audience personas and serve impeccable creatives and communication in a phased manner.

Targeted and measurable programmatic advertising across relevant content, social and search platforms

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Our clients

What our clients say

We were glad by our decision to chose dotConverse. Not only were they professional and helpful, but they always took that extra step to understand our needs and deliver.

Sahiba Singh

This is the kind of professional support we have been yearning for social media.

Namrta Dhar

Umender Shah, Country Manager - ZEISS India
Rajendra Prasad, Marketing Manager - Heidelberg India
Sanjay Lodha, CEO - Tyrone Systems

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