You have a website, and commerce shopfront, a retail outlet, and great customer support.

How do you keep your user in the centre and design a user experience?

  • Retail & Exhibition digital integration ensures 360-degree engagement between your brand and users.
  • Your users get a delightful and seamless multi-touchpoint experience
  • Your retailers can lend a better user experience and hope to increase sales and
  • Your brand gets more visibility, interaction and able to create equity
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Integrating Retail and Exhibition footprint with digital

Are you confident of how many walking in a showroom actually able to locate your product or are pitched about your product at all by showroom sales?

A few other questions that may have confronted you:

Can your users buy a product at a showroom, even if it’s not available at that moment?
Can a user talk to a product expert anywhere in the world from a showroom?

Same as in exhibitions, it’s a fact that the you get very limited exposure and engagement as compared to the money and time invested.

Often, you have no clue about how many target audience actually visit an exhibition and out of them how many visit your stall and within that how many could engage with your display.

It’s a small universe that you end up interacting but with our solutions you can gain mindshare of a much larger audience and create opportunities for human-less interaction so that a much larger audience set can engage with your products proactively.

Talk to our expert team to help you configure a Seamless Touchpoint Experience strategy for your brand.

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We were glad by our decision to chose dotConverse. Not only were they professional and helpful, but they always took that extra step to understand our needs and deliver.

Sahiba Singh

This is the kind of professional support we have been yearning for social media.

Namrta Dhar


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