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Barco Multi-Country Product Launch Webinar

ZEISS-Photography Essentials Webinar By Sundeep Bali

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Why Webinars Make An Intelligent Business Decision:

1. Easy & Permissive – Your prospects can engage with you from anywhere (home, office or even while travelling) and when they want to.
2.  Economical- Approximately, at just 30% of the cost of participating in an exhibition or hosting an event
3. Qualified Demand Generation– Create rapport with attendees, funnel them through the buying process by letting them  opt into various stages (with the help of real time polls, surveys and Q&As)
4. Huge Scale– Reach and engage hundreds or thousands of people across the world in one instance, or let people view the recording on demand.
5. Create Thought Leadership–  Educate prospects on how they can use your product/services to do better business thereby  creating trust and buy-in.

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