KABOOM helps B2B organizations connect & engage consistently with decision-makers from their Key Accounts base and also captures buying intent to build a better sales pipeline.

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Discover, Uncover & Enrich Key Target Decision Makers

  • We Segment your prospect database (Named Accounts) by multiple attributes like Size, Function, Industry and Product Match

  • We can also Validate and/or add missing data like specific designations or contact information, and even find and build a prospect base for you

  • Can use AI to create lookalike accounts or named account list


The average B2B buying decision involves 5.4 people!



Personalization At Scale To Drive Hyper Engagement

Your prospects are exposed to personalized digital content based on their buying stage, Industry vertical/size of company, Function, and/or Product relevancy match.

The content is personalized dynamically in most cases

  • At the time of receiving e-mails

  • While reading content on the website- through personalized ads and notifications

  • While searching on Google

  • While surfing on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn

  • In context to the journey funnel (Aware, Engaged, Ready for Action)


Engage Key Accounts At Various Stages Of Purchase Funnel

Accounts and/or contacts are tracked by the buying stage they are in, and you could see this report to understand how and where should you deploy your marketing activities.


Activate Your Sales Teams

Galvanize your sales and marketing teams with information about which accounts are ready to buy and how much time a specific account or a decision-maker has spent with your content etc.

While the sales team gets information only about the accounts that are conducive for a sales pitch, the marketing teams keep an eye on the movement of the rest of the accounts and handhold them towards the action stage.

Global Technology
Leader’s ABM Campaign

The global technology leader is headquartered in Belgium. Its revolutionary meeting room automation solution creates understanding between people by freeing them to interact easily and naturally, thereby making it a key component of a smart workplace.

Global Video Collaboration Giant - KABOOM ABM Campaign

The global video collaboration giant is headquartered in the USA and Switzerland, and is known for its advanced video conferencing solutions enabling seamless collaboration across teams.

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